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RESTLESS 36" Concorde Deck

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Restless Concorde Deck:

The Restless Concorde is a fast freeride beast. It was designed by our rider Frederic Carle-Landry.

 After trying it out on the race tracks, you will realize how great it is for downhill aswell. The Concorde is very wide but relatively short, giving you maximum agility with it's a flatcave and a w-concave on the back foot. 

We added 3 very different wheelbases, so that you can have a stable ride or a very reactive setup. We topped it with gas pedals all the way down the board and a bullet-like shape. 

So if you're a freeride enthusiast with a knack for downhill, you'll want to put your feet on the Concorde!


10.25" x 36"

WB: 26" - 28.5"

8 Plys Maple


Deep Wheel-Wells

Gas Pedals