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RESTLESS 36" Necronaut Deck

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Restless Necronaut Deck:

The  Necronaut is the most reactive downhill board of our lineup. This is the type of board where you ride right on top of the trucks. 
This deck has a deep concave and a w-concave on the back foot. We also put in a micro-drop on each end to lock in your feet. The truck holes are actually set in the drop, so that your feet are as close to possible to the truck, giving you maximum leverage. With an added  underflush, so as not to change the truck geometry. We gave it 2 wheelbase options to let you decide how reactive it gets, 28.25 inches and 30.5 inches.  Also equipped this topmount with very deep wheel-wells. The deck is made from 9 plys of Hard Canadian Maple, So it's very stiff. If the hill you're about to bomb is technical and has tight turns, the Necronaut is the board of choice!


9.75" x 36.25"

WB: 28.25"-30.5"

9 Plys Maple