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RESTLESS 39" Big Boy Trash Session Deck (only 2 left)

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Restless BigBoy TrashSession Deck:

The Restless BigBoy... the original bowl concave in the flesh! This longboard started with the idea to merge the concave and the drop to create a pocket that would lock your feet in while remaining very comfortable. So we made a deep concave, the deepest we had made at the time (that was before the Furabu), added the drop and let the 9 plys of Hard Canadian Maple bend the way it wanted. It created the famous bowl concave. 
We then cut-out a drop-through hole to lower the center of gravity for easier slides, but also added a flush-mount so that the board wouldn't be so low as to hit curbs and such. Finally we cut the shape that gave the board its name, with as much clearance for the wheels as anybody's going to need.

10" x 39"

WB: 29.75"

9 Plys Maple

Bowl Concave



Deck Only