RESTLESS 41" Fishbowl Deck

RESTLESS 41" Fishbowl Deck

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Restless Fish Bowl 41 Deck Only:

The Restless FishBowl is our best all-around longboard. Perfect for freeride, but versatile enough for downhill.
It has all the features you will ever need. First, you have a deep bowl concave, combined with a micro-drop, it locks you in perfectly for high-speed slides or downhill. 
There's also huge kicks on the twin-tip topmount shape and deep wheel-wells. Made with our Triax construction. 
So, if you want to do everything with one board, get on the FishBowl. You'll rock that board everywhere you go!


10" x 41"

WB: 29.5"

8 Ply Maple

Bowl Concave


Twin-Tip Kicktails

Gas Pedals

Deck Only


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