Ronin Tune-Up Kit

Ronin Tune-Up Kit

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Ronin - Tune-Up Kit

The Almost Precision Truck Packages includes:

1. TWO (2) Array Precision Washers with a center sleeve, creates even pressure over the bushing generating more rebound for a smoother and precise turn. Note: Adding a second pair of Array Precision Sleeved Washers boardside will increase bushing rebound. For practical purposes, one pair roadside is sufficient.

2. TWO (2) Aluminum Grade Cup Washers were added to keep the bushings tight up against the wall of the washer restricting bushing deformation thus improving stability.

Note: Ronin Trucks no longer come with a bottom cup washer, but we're throwing these in for you just in case! Array Precision Cup Washers are also available available at for a more restrictive ride.

3. TWO (2) Factory Ronin 96a Pivot Tubes are included to restrict movement in the area between the hanger pivot and the baseplate. Stock pivot Tubes wear quickly, therefore replacing them will clean up the unnecessary movement in the cast truck.

4. THREE (3) packs of Ronin Mixed Drink Tall Barrel Bushings for customizing the suspension under your longboard. These bushings offers a very stable center-point while still allowing you to obtain maximum lean.



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