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Suregrip RX Toe Stops Pair

Availability: High

This is Just what the doctor ordered to maximize your stopping power. 

Developed and tested by and for Derby skaters but certainly suitable for all sk8ing applications where excellent grip and rebound are needed…

Proudly made in the USA employing a state of the art rubber formula and the same style hollow stem as our Snyder Advantage toe stop,

the “Rx” toe stop offers exceptional grip and dramatically improved wear over previous products available.

Skaters will enjoy the enhanced performance every time the stops hit the floor.

Actual derby testing indicates this stop is more abrasion resistant than any toe stop on the market and the hollow stem make it lighter than any comparably sized stop..

Available in black and natural; for those looking for style we have red, purple, green, and blue. 

All of our toes stops are non-marking so feel free to express yourself with your team colour. 

Sold as A pair.