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Smith Scabs Junior Pro Knee Pad Black w Black Caps

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Scabs Jr Knee Pads were built with the younger rippers in mind.


  • Removable foam. This gives you the option to be able to wash those stinky lil pads.
  • Triple layer foam. Great for protection of those growing knees.  Recommended for comfort too!
  • Butterfly Closure straps. No more taking the shoes off to get the lil ones pads on and off.  Just open up and strap on.  Great for adjusting to get the perfect fit. Easy to put on and off for the lil ones.
  • Shrunken version of adult sized knee. They fit just right for the lil one in mind.  Great length and width so it doesn't move and fits snug on their lil knees.
  • Double strap. Top and bottom straps to help secure the elbow pad so their is no movement or slippage.  Used with higher grade elastic straps to help hold into place.
  • Abrasion resistant material. Made with the top quality materials to give the lil ones the best protection on the market.
  • Removable Cap. Great for having the flexibility to replace the lil ones cap if worn down from so much skating!  No need to buy a new set of pads once cap is worn down.


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