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Sock it to Me Fishing you were Here Toddler Crew Socks

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Product Code: SITMTC0120

This patient penguin has it all figured out. Her friends and family may laugh, but she doesn't have to swim to get her fish. They can have that almost-freezing water all to themselves: she prefers to wear a cozy hat, cast a line down below the ice, and wait. "Let the fish come to me" is her motto. If you've got a toddler that waddles like a penguin, then these adorable penguin socks are just what they need.

Our toddler crew socks have non-slip silicone padding to help keep your little one on their feet.

Fiber Content


Made in Korea.

Our threads are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which means we leave out harmful chemicals to keep your skin safe and happy.

Approximately fits children ages 1-2, shoe size 4-7.

Please keep in mind the complexity of a design will decrease the stretchiness, but overall our socks are pretty stretchy!