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Undercover Team 90/86a Inline Wheels - 4pack

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Team 190/86A White, 4-pack

PS406268 | Black/White | 4-pack

Undercover Team 90 / 86 White - High-quality, long-lasting wheel for urban inline skating. The finest PU, strong hub, bullet profile, 90mm, / 86A hardness.

Undercover Team 90 / 86 White Four-Wheel Urban Inline Skating Adventures Wide Selection of Urban Wheels to Match Your Skating Style Undercover (UC) is the leading urban, freestyle, and aggressive aftermarket wheel brand. With years of experience and research under our belts, UC offers a wide range of purpose-made wheels, making it easy for you to find the perfect setup. Explosive Speed and Superb Control Nothing can hold you back when you’re exploring the city on Undercover Team 90 / 86 White wheels. Made of only the finest polyurethane and poured in the USA, the wheels are abrasion resistant and deliver a smooth rolling experience. The PU is bonded to a strong hub to give you a solid and stable platform to help skaters learn new tricks, land gaps, and push their limits. With an 90mm diameter, most skaters use the Team 90 / 86 White in a four-wheel setup which brings skaters closer to the ground and helps deliver explosive speed along with improved control and stability. The wheel also has an 86A hardness that provides a smooth rolling experience - the perfect way to explore the city.

Wheel:   Undercover Team 90; 90mm / 86A; UHR= Ultra High Rebound - Made in USA


Technology_General_UHR= Ultra High Rebound