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Undercover Wheels Roman Abrate TV 64mm 88A 4-pack

SKU: PS406251
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Product Code: PS406251
"The new Undercover Apex wheels are just amazing! UC and I worked closely together on this project, extensively testing them over several months to develop the perfect weapons for fast park or bowl skating. So it was obvious for me to pick an Apex wheel for my pro wheel and I've always been a fan of Dragon Ball since I was a kid so the design team and I created this latest design. I like to skate very fast but also do technical tricks, so I chose the 64mm that fits perfectly on my Aeon 60mm (anti-rocker). It's been a great pleasure working on this new design, thanks to UC for making all this possible!"

Wheel Overview:
Undercover Roman Abrate; 64mm / 88A; UHR= Ultra High Rebound