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USD Aeon 60 Sam Crofts Pro Aggressive Inline Skates

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Introducing the USD Aeon 60 Sam Croft's Pro 2022 skates. Sam's an English lad with that kind of determination to get the tricks we all dream of. He hits drop rails like the rest of us hit curbs. As he's performing these high-risk manoeuvres he's as relaxed as someone dressed in slacks around the kitchen table drinking OJ and eating breakfast on a Sunday morning. It's both surreal and impressive. His third pro Aeon skate from USD is a valuable recognition of his steadfastness and devotion to doing what he loves, in a way others can't reach. 

The skate is completely ground breaking and offers high performance. Breaking every rule in the book USD ditched the Universal Frame System (UFS) currently found on pretty much every other aggressive skate on the market.

Creating a solid one-piece boot/frame has allowed USD to minimise the amount of hardware (bolts etc) used and also, more crucially, lower the overall centre of gravity. This gives skaters a lower ride with better overall control, and an all-around solid feel (try finding a rattle).

Without UFS frame mounting bolts you can move the centre two wheels outwards and create extra space in the groove area for grind tricks whilst riding a flat set-up of larger wheels. USD claim that this is the flat best set-up frame ever created, and we can back up that claim by saying it's a very very good h-block and groove!

To complete the skate:   Limited and bespoke heat-mouldable MyFit dual-fit liners which shape to your foot like a cosy glove, reducing pressure points. You get a full flat set-up of eight 60mm Apex Aluminium core wheels loaded with WCD ABEC 7 bearings. 

This skate will be serious fun and responsive. 

Sam crofts unique skin
MyFit 2nd Skin Courdoy liner
Sam Croft Apex Aluminum Core Wheels