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Volten Longboard Superior Flex 33.5 x 8.25"

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Product Code: PS620033

At first glance the Volten Superior Flex is just a regular longboard, but at second glance you will find the small, but important details which make it stand out from the crowd. Canadian maple is used for the base followed by a layer of glass-fiber and finally covered by one layer of bamboo. This very solid mid-size deck is perfectly suited for fast downhill, freeride and cruising. The board stays low and stable on the road. The Superior Flex is a great longboard for advanced and pro skaters who are looking for a high-quality board at a decent price.

  • Deck:   33.5'' x 8.25'', Canadian maple + Bamboo + Fibre-glass, 7 ply, concave
  • Truck:   Standard Gravity Casted 180mm AL, Jelly Interlock cushions
  • Wheels:   60x45mm 80a, SHR
  • Bearings:   Wicked Abec 7