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Wicked Abec 9 Bearings Pastel 16pk

SKU: PS310089
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Product Code: PS310089


Pastel 9, 16-pack

PS310089 | Pastel | 16 pcs.

ABEC 9 high-quality bearings are fast spinning and long-lasting, suitable for all rolling sport disciplines.

The Wicked PASTEL 9 bearings are the highest rated in the ABEC collection but now coming with some nice pastel colour. In our eco-friendly cardboard tube packaging, you will get 16 bearings split in 4 nice pastel colour style to tune your roller skate or your inline skate as you want. With the Pastel 9 we bring some color to one of the best multi-purpose bearings on the market. The ABEC 9 rating stands for very low manufacturing tolerances, which is a quality feature for fast spinning and long-lasting bearings. This quality bearing is made of high-quality chrome steel featuring a nylon cage and is lubricated with high quality Japanese Kyodo grease. BE WICKED.

Bearing:   Wicked; ABEC 9; 7 balls; chrome steel